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MultiPop & SpeedCycle


Making it easier to extend the limits Intelligently capturing multiple exposures in a single frame.

Formerly an intense manual process, MultiPop is now an intelligent approach to triggering multiple flash pops in a single frame. Set the number of pops (from 2 to 60) you’d like for a single zone or each zone independently and the Raven will automatically send a sequence of triggers to flashes based on the timed manual interval of your choosing.  

Click here to learn how to set up MultiPop



Sequential flash triggering.

SpeedCycle brings sequential flash triggering of multiple strobe heads to the tip of your fingers when a quick short sequence is a necessity for those fast-paced rapid shooting situations where the strobes are not capable of recycling fast enough by allowing you to sequentially trigger 2 or more strobes.

This is invaluable for fashion, lifestyle, and sports action photography where waiting for recycle time is not an option.  It’s one of our most unique features and we can’t wait to see what you do with it.

Photo Credit: Rob Giersch


Click here to learn how to set up SpeedCycle 


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