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Raven Specifications

Weight & Measurements

5.6 oz/159 grams

Length from back to nose = 4.0 inches

Width = 3.0 inches

Height = 2.5 inches


Battery & Temperatures

Built-in 2500 mAh lithium-ion rechargeable battery 

16 hours normal usage battery life (based on typical usage testing performed on a pre-production model of the Raven in January 2021)

45 days standby battery life

The Raven can charge from 0% to 100% in 3 hours when using the supplied USB 2.0 type A to Micro B cable and using a 1amp minimum charger.  It can also be charged while in use for extremely lengthy use-cases.

5-year battery life. Contact Fusion TLC for battery replacement

Charging Temperatures 40°F - 115°F

Operating Temperatures 0°F to 115°F



1.4" diameter OLED display

Capacitive colored touchscreen with a gorilla glass layer

Adjustable screen brightness


Frequencies Band

Paul C. Buff/Godox/Profoto  2.4GHz

PocketWizard  340-351MHz


Firmware Updating

WiFi cloud firmware updating

With a connection to a 2.4GHz Wifi Network

With a connection to a 4G-5G Cellular Network Hotspot


Antenna Type

Integrated (Non-Removable)


Flash Control Capabilities

Flash Control Modes

TTL, Manual, PowerTrack, and Control mode (Manual, Manual +Sync, Full Control)


Operating Range

Up to 1500ft (450 m) using normal Manual sync

Up to 500ft (152 m) using TTL or HSS (FP)



Paul C.Buff/Godox/Profoto/PocketWizard - 4 in Manual and 3 in TTL (A - C)

*You can combine TTL with Manual, but TTL will only be available in zones A-C, with D Manual only in Godox, Profoto and PocketWizard.

*Profoto is only TTL or Manual. Can't be mixed.

*TTL is only available when setting Control Mode to Full Control with any flash brand.


Control Channels with RF Noise Indicator

Paul C Buff - 16 channels 

Profoto - 8 to 20 channels (depending on model and firmware)

Godox - 32 channels 

PocketWizard - 32 channels 

Simultaneous Dual Brand Control

Up to 2 compatible brands


Flash Timing Control


Rear Curtain Sync



Special Modes



Sound Trigger


Burst Counter


Remote Camera Capabilities

Compatible Remotes

Raven, PocketWizard Plus IIIe, Plus IVe, FlexTT5 and FlexTT6






Raven to Raven - 130 with Noise Meter

Raven to PocketWizard - 80 with Noise Meter

Shipping Options

Shipping options include UPS, USPS and DHL for local and international orders.

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