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Inserting the Raven into a camera hot shoe

Before attaching the Raven to a camera body, please make sure that the Raven is compatible with the make and model of the camera you are using it with.  Please click here to the list of all compatible camera and lighting equipment

  • To insert the Raven into the cameras hot shoe, press and hold the Shoe Release buttons on both sides of the Raven.  This will retract the locking pint that holds the Raven in the hot shoe of the camera body

  • Now slide the Raven into the hot shoe mount of the camera until it comes to a stop and release the Shoe Release buttons.  If the Raven does not easily slide into the hot shoe, do not force the Raven into the hot shoe mount or you will risk damaging the camera hot shoe and the Raven locking pin.

Once the Raven sits firmly in the hot shoe of the camera body, you are now ready to begin triggering the Raven.

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