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Controlling remotely & adjusting setting for modeling light

Controlling a modeling light remotely with the Raven

The Raven remote device modeling light control comes with a default setting of manual. Manual is an On/Off setting. There are also options to have an auto 1min sleep, or Auto 5min sleep. With the auto sleep options, when selected, the Raven will communicate with the remote device to turn off the modeling light after the cameras display goes to sleep for 1min, or 5min, and will turn back on with a half press of the shutter release. This feature is recommended to help save battery life on battery operated strobes.

  • To find these settings, start by swiping bottom to top from the Zone Control Display
  • Then rotate the dial until you see Continuous Light and tap on it.
  • This is where you can set the option that best fits your needs. Press Check when done 
  • Then press the Back/Home button to return to the Zone Control Display.
  • Now that you have your remote device modeling light option set, you can now turn that option On or Off by tapping on the zone(S) you are using
  • Then tap Center-1
  • Now tap the modeling light icon to turn On or Off your selected option for the remote device modeling light.
  • When the icon is green, your option is active. When the icon is grey, your option is deactivated.

ButtonNormalFlash-1 Modeling light is deactivated  ButtonActiveFlash Modeling light is active





How to adjust the settings for Modeling Light?

There are a few options to choose from for controlling the modeling light.  Start by swiping from bottom to top on the Zone Control Display.  Then scroll to Continuous Light and tap on it.  You have three options to choose from.  Auto - 1min Sleep means that 1min after your camera goes to sleep, meaning the LCD display goes blank, the modeling light will turn off until you half press the shutter release.  The next option is Auto - 5min Sleep.  This means that 5min after your camera goes to sleep, the modeling light will turn off until you half press the shutter release.  The last option is no sleep.  This means that the modeling light will stay on no matter how long your camera is asleep for.  Once you have scrolled to you option you want, press Fig 1 to confirm your selection.  Then press the Back/Home button once to return to the Zone Control Display.

Check Fig 1

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