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Photo counter for remote cameras

Photo counter for remote cameras

Photo Counter

When using a Raven receiver, PocketWizard Plus IIIe, or Plus IVe, the Raven transmitter will record how many images the remote camera took for each sequence, not a total for the event.  The receiver unit need to be placed in the remote camera’s hot shoe, and the receiver unit needs to have its hot shoe enabled.  The receiver unit also need to be set to Long Range mode to work with the Raven and set to LR.  RxLR will not allow the receiver unit to send back a photo count.  The receiver unit relies on the flash sync pulse from the remote camera hot shoe for trigger confirmation and will send a signal back to the Raven transmitter with each image taken for that sequence.  As a new sequence is started, the photo counter resets to 0.  

To learn more about the PING button click here

* For some cameras, enabling silent shooting and/or electronic shutter may automatically disable the hot shoe. Also, if the camera’s flash settings are set to “off”, the hot shoe will be disabled. Please check your camera’s instruction manual for details.  

*It is recommended that the remote camera be set to manual focus.  At this time, the Raven will not trigger the remote camera unless it is in focus when using auto focus.

*When using the Plus IIIe for remote camera triggering, you will need to set it in LR mode.  You will have 80 channels to choose from.

*To learn more about the PocketWizard E Release software visit the PocketWizard Wiki E Release page.

*PocketWizard devices always need to be updated to the latest firmware.  Click here to see the latest firmware


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