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About FusionTLC


With the need to advance photography gear and make better tools to give you the ultimate creative experience, Fusion TLC is the revolution in total light control. 

We are committed to bringing you a premium user experience through modern gear that is smart, intuitive and flexible. With easy upgrades through cloud software updates increasing the product life expectancy, designing more greener products and creating the first trigger with LED focus assist lighting, we are here to disrupt the market.

Our philosophy is to work with you to create the next generation of photography gear. We are on a mission to help you create state-of-the-art shooting experience and push your creative boundaries. We are committed to excellence.

Our founder and a serial entrepreneur, Jim Clark, started his journey 25 years ago by bringing you PocketWizard. With over 40 patents to his name, Jim has dedicated his life to continuously innovate the photography market.

His partner and head of software development, led by Jason Lin, brings over 13 years of experience in product development and IOT. He is the brains behind the popular Plus III from PocketWizard. Jason is dedicated to building products with high reliability and innovative photography control technology.

Together they introduce to you their first innovative flash trigger; The Raven. It will transform your studio with seamless cross compatibility between devices and effortless set wide adjustments, liberating you to create beautiful images faster. We are supercharging photoshoots with greater control and flexibility for professional photographers and aspiring ones.

Fusion TLC will be making bigger impressions with custom differentiations and more cutting edge technology in the future so that you can keep creating amazing photos. Our next goal is to disrupt the market with revolutionary light metering and color metering functionalities.

Jim Clark at the Professional Photographers of America awards ceremony.

Jim receiving the Professional Photographers of America Technology Impact Award in 2018.