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How to turn the Raven ON and OFF

How to turn ON and OFF the Raven

Turning your Raven ON or OFF is as simple as a button push

Turn ON

To turn on the Raven, press and hold the Test button on the left side of the Raven, or you can use the Back/Home button on the right side of the Raven for 1 second and release.  The Raven will begin it's start up process.

Turn OFF

To turn off the Raven, press and hold the Back/Home Button on the right side of the Raven for 5 seconds and release.  Then, with your finger, slide the Power Button to the right.  This will turn off your Raven.


The Raven can only be turned off in the following screens

Zone Control Display

Carousel Screen

Setting Carousel Screens

Master Camera Zone Screen

Remote Camera Sound Screen

Remote Camera Radio Screen

Remote Camera Light Screen


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