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Maximizing signal range

A few tips to maximize the signal range for remote camera triggering:

  • Start by selecting a channel.  Carefully scroll through the channels paying close attention to the RF Noise Indicator and the Remote Camera Detector.  A channel with the least amount of RF noise will have the largest amount of green bar.  A Yellow or Red color bar means there is a significant amount of RF noise, and it is highly suggested to select another channel.  The Remote Camera Detector looks for other Raven and PocketWizard devices that are powered up and set for use.  As you scroll through the channels look for the camera icon on the left side of each channel.
  • After selecting the best channel, use the PING feature on the Raven transmitter to make sure your remotes are within signal range.  Press and hold the PING icon  and a green circle will appear around the zones you are using.   If they are near the limits of the range or in a high noise area, the circle around the zone letter will turn yellow or red, and it is highly recommended to position the receiving unit in a position with a directed line of sight to the transmitter and away from metal objects and electrical panels.  Also, consider selecting another channel.
  • Keep your camera hot shoe clean from dust and debris.
  • When using a PocketWizard radio unit, you will need to use the latest E Release firmware radio units such as the Plus IIIe and the Plus IVe.  With this software, you will have 80 channels to choose from using RxLR and LR modes.
  • Always have the most up-to-date firmware installed into your PocketWizard device.
  • As mentioned earlier, make sure you have a clear unobstructed line of sight between the transmitter and receiver device as possible.  Keep clear from electrical panels, conduit, power lines, metal objects, and structures, and at least 2’ up off the ground.