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Setting up Profoto strobes to the Raven

Profoto strobes operate on a TTL-based operating protocol that allows the photographer to use TTL or Manual mode and allows for the ability to send exact power levels to the strobes. Why the AirTTL does not offer this is unknown, but this does give the Raven an advantage by offering this feature where the AirTTL fails to deliver.

However, within the Profoto TTL operating protocol, there is a 4 stop power level limit that prevents power levels from exceeding more than 4 stops no matter if you are using TTL or Manual mode. Why this Profoto limitation exists is not quite known, but it makes sense that the AirTTL is only capable of only performing simple .1 or full stop adjustments. This 4 stop limit does create a limitation for the Raven sense many photographers want more than a 4 stop range in their lighting. This issue exists in Dual Brand triggering when using Profoto and another strobe brand.

It is recommended to deactivate any zones that you are not using so the power level in that unused zone will not affect this 4 stop power limit.


For setup with the Raven

  • To set up your Raven to trigger Profoto lighting equipment, start from the Zone Control Display and swipe from bottom to top of the touchscreen. 
  • Then rotate the command ring dial to the Brand icon and tap on it.  
  • Scroll through the 1st column using the command ring dial until Profoto is in the white space, then press   
  • Now you can select the channel based on the least amount of RF noise available (most green in the RF noise level bar) and press . Be sure to set the same channel into your Profoto lighting equipment. Not all Profoto strobe models have the same number of channels. Some models have only 8 channels to choose from, while others have 20 channels. Click here to see a list of Profoto lighting equipment channel options
  • Press the Back/Home button to return to Zone Control Display.


Selecting Profoto strobe model

Profoto strobes only have a one-way communication when using the 2.4GHz frequency, so the Raven does not know the power range for each Profoto model. Some models have an 8 stop power range while others have up to an 11 stop power range. Because of this, it is necessary to select the model of strobe you are using in each Raven letter zone. If you choose to have 2 different models of strobes with different power ranges on the same Raven letter zone, you may not have full control of the power range of each strobe.

  • To select the Profoto strobe model, start by tapping the touchscreen inside the zone you want to start with.
  • When the zone is selected the zone letter will be highlighted.
  • Next tap on the Zone Mode Selector icon 
  • Then tap on the Manual icon 
  • Now you will see a list of Profoto strobe models.  Using the command ring dial, scroll thru until you see your model.
  • Please select the correct model of Profoto strobe use are using. Some Profoto strobe models have two variations, 1000ws or 500ws, or 500ws and 250ws. For example, the D2 has both a 1000ws version and a 500ws version. So please look carefully and select the correct model
  • Tap on the to make your selection
  • Repeat these steps to select the Profoto strobe model for the remaining zones.

*Only 3 zones (A, B, and C) are available for use with TTL mode. Profoto does not allow for the mixing of both Manual and TTL set in different zones at the same timeThe following Profoto flashes are unable to do TTL with the Raven, the B4 Air, D1 Air, D4 Air, and Pro-8 AirWhen using the Control mode option Manual + Sync, you will need to press the Test button after making changes to power levels to set the correct power level in the strobe or flash unit. 


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