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Using the Raven Control mode

Sync Only

Just as it says, this mode only allows you the basic function of syncing your strobes with the Raven.  While you do not have access to many features in Sync Only such as selecting and adjusting power levels, you are able to use SpeedCycle, full use of all 4 zones, and make any changes in the Quick Setting screen including changing your channel, Cloud updates, changing the screen brightness, changing your choice of strobe manufacture, turning sounds on/off, and turning the Nose light on/off.  

Manual + Sync

In Manual + Sync you gain many of the features including the ability to activate or deactivate zones, adjust all power levels, and all the features in the Zone Mode Screen including PowerTracking, SpeedCycle, MultiPop, and Modeling light control along with all the features from the Quick Setting Screen.

Full Control

Full Control gives you just that, full control over every feature the Raven has to offer including TTL, HSS, SyncView, all features in the Zone Mode Screen and Quick Setting Screen.


Choosing Control Mode options 

  • From the Zone Control Display, tap the touchscreen and swipe from bottom to the top of the screen.
  • Then rotate the command ring dial to Control Mode icon and tap on it.
  • Here you rotate the command ring dial to the option of your choice and tap ✓
  • This returns you to the Control Mode icon, press the Back/Home button to return to the Zone Control Display
  • You are now ready to begin taking pictures