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Handling and exposure to the elements

Handling temperatures

  • Optimal operation: 0°F to 115°F
  • Charging: 40°F to 115°F

Outside of these ranges, the Raven may function in a limited capacity.  The Raven contains a temperature readout in the About section in the Settings menu.  In normal operating range, temperature is shown in green.  When used in a cold weather environment and the operating temperature of the Raven is too cold, the temperature is shown in blue.  When used in a warm weather environment and the operating temperature of the Raven is too hot, the temperature is shown in red.

Exposure to the elements

The Raven can handle light sprinkles, but the capacitive OLED color touchscreen may not behave optimally.  The Raven’s OLED color touchscreen may fog up when used in a high humidity, or cold temperature lower than the dew point.  Using the Raven in a sandy and muddy environment is not recommended.  Sand and mud can cause the command ring dial to function in a limited capacity, or not operate at all.

Please do not drop your Raven!  The Raven is not protected from falls, and can sustain damage to the OLED color touchscreen, broke nose light, and damage to the casing.  If no damage is obvious to sight, the Raven can sustain a short circuit resulting in internal damage.

If your Raven is not behaving as it should, please see our repair and service page to get your Raven fixed ASAP