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Using PING test

Using PING test

  • Start by setting up and mounting all your remote cameras in position. 
  • From the Zone Control Display, swipe from the right to the left side of the touchscreen.
  • In the Camera Trigging Screen, tap on the Master icon 
  • This brings you to the Zone Selection screen where you will see the PING icon  at the bottom of the screen. 
  • Now perform a PING test by pressing and holding the PING icon on the touchscreen. It is suggested to perform this PING test from the locations you will be taking pictures from and the location of your remote camera. The RF noise can vary within your venue or environment.
  • A confirmation of a Green circle will appear around the zones you have set into your receiver. If you have multiple receivers set up that have the same zones set into them, this might cause the confirmation circles to blink. The Raven is only looking for a zone that is selected in the Master, or transmitter. If there are multiple receivers set with the same zone the Raven will only give confirmation for the first receiver that it reads. For the most accurate PING test, it is suggested to use a separate zone for your receivers. 
  • However, if any of the letter zones have a Yellow or Red circle around them, the signal strength is very poor and it is highly recommended you choose a different channel using the RF Noise Detector.
  • If the PING test was successful with Green circles, you can begin to take pictures


Selecting a channel

  • If you need to select a new channel based on a poor PING test, from the Zone Selection screen, swipe from the top to the bottom of the touchscreen.
  • Next, tap on the Channel Selection Icon 
  • In the Channel Selection screen use the RF Noise Indicator to choose a channel with the least amount of RF Noise, or the most amount of Green in the noise level bar.
  • While checking the amounts for RF noise on each channel, also look to see if another Raven or PocketWizard device is set to the same channel by using the Remote Camera Detector
  • Lastly, you should always check to make sure you have direct line of sight from your shooting position to your remote location whenever possible.


For help locating the different Raven screens and icons, please view or download our Raven Screen Flowchart