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Remote camera triggering

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All three trigger modes can be combined with Relay mode, Trigger delay, and Remote Trigger Photo count.  Relay mode allows for the receiver to momentarily switch to flash control mode to trigger strobes and can trigger up to two strobe brands at once with flash power control.  Trigger delay allows you to set a delay from 1ms to 59 seconds 999ms before triggering the remote camera.  Remote Trigger Photo count lets you decide how many frames for your remote camera to fire after receiving the signal from a Radio, Sound, or Light trigger.  You can set it from 1 to 60 frames.


Radio trigger mode

The Raven is the most robust two-way radio platform ever created for photographers to trigger remote cameras. Radio trigger mode uses the E-Release technology enhancing signal reliability in the PocketWizard Long Range (LR) frequencies giving you the maximum distance possible with 130 channels with Raven-to-Raven use, and 80 channels with Raven to PocketWizard Plus IIIe, and Plus IVe radio units.  Multi-Zone triggering is available with up to 8 zones (A-H) with a Raven receiver, and 4 zones (A-D) with the Plus IIIe/Plus IVe.

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Photo Credit: Kyle Terada - USA TODAY Sports



Sound trigger mode

Just as it says, you can set the Raven receiver to be triggered by sound.  You simply adjust the sound sensitivity by rotating the command ring dial to a hyper-accurate level that works for your existing environment.  In addition, you can extend the creative possibilities by combining Sound Trigger mode with Remote Trigger Photo count, Relay Mode, and Trigger delay.  


Photo Credit: Celia D. Luna used the sound trigger mode to adjust sound sensitivity to trigger camera with her voice.


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Light trigger mode

The third method of triggering a Raven receiver, Light trigger mode can work two different ways, either by a flash of light or when an object breaks a beam of continuous light shining at the nose of the Raven receiver.  The sensitivity of the light source can be adjusted by rotating the dial.

*Light trigger mode is still in development and is not activated at this time.


PING test

The Raven once again proving it is the smartest and most innovative flash and remote trigger by including the newly developed PING test. One of the most valuable features in Radio trigger mode, PING test allows you to test the signal from your Master Raven to your receiver unit. The Raven uses three different colors to let you know the signal strength, Green, Yellow, and Red. A Green circle means you have the strongest signal and connectivity, Yellow is weak, and Red is extremely low.

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Burst Counter

Ever wonder if your remote camera is really triggering images? Burst Counter is another state-of-the-art feature that stretches the boundaries of remote camera triggering as you instantly see confirmation of exactly how many frames your remote camera triggered during a sequence burst with a count on the screen of the Raven transmitter. This is possible with a Raven receiver, or PocketWizard Plus IIIe or Plus IVe, radio mounted in the remote cameras hot shoe.

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