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Setting up MultiPop

Once a manual technique where the photographer would painstakingly manually trigger the strobes several times while the shutter remained open to get the proper exposure needed, Multi POP is now an automated feature built into the Raven allowing the photographer more creative freedom. 

*Flash recycle time could possibly limit the higher-powered strobes in actual strobe power with 1 second max timing between triggers sent to the strobes. Also, flash recycle will limit the upper end of the shutter speed possible to get more strobe triggers before the shutter closes, so we generally recommend 1/100s to Bulb.

Setting up MultiPop

  • Start by setting all the power levels in all zones for your strobes.
  • Once you are done setting all the power levels, select all zones you want to use by tapping in each zone so the zone letter or number is highlighted
  • Then tap the Zone Mode Selector icon 
  • Next tap on the Multi Pop icon 
  • Now set the number of strobe pops you want for your image, then tap ✓
  • In the auto interval screen, set the interval between strobe pops, but keep in mind there is the strobe recycle time to factor in.  Once you have set your interval, tap ✓
  • The Raven will automatically return you to the Zone Control Display where you will see the MultiPop icon in each zone you selected, and you are now ready to start taking pictures.

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