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Setting up PocketWizard radios to the Raven for lighting

For setup with the Raven

  • To set up your Raven to trigger PocketWizard lighting equipment, start from the Zone Control Display and swipe from bottom to top of the touchscreen. 
  • Then rotate dial to the Brand icon and tap on it.  
  • Scroll through the 1st column using the command ring dial until Wizard is in the white space, then press   
  • Now you can select the channel based on the least amount of RF Noise available (the most amount of green in the RF noise level bar), and press .  Be sure to set the same channel into your PocketWizard lighting equipment.
  • Press Back/Home button to return to Zone Control Display so you can begin taking pictures. 

*When setting up your compatible PocketWizard radio unit as the receiver, you will need to be in RX Mode when using it for flash triggering.  Simply tap the Menu button until you see RX in the screen.  Now you can set it to the same channel as the Raven unit.

For PowerMC2 setup with the Raven

  • Start by placing the PowerMC2 into the port on top of the Einstein
  • To set the channel, press the Einstein’s Function button until the Channel selection box is highlighted
  • The Einstein's LCD will display C-TL 01.  Now change channels with the Adjust buttons.  
  • Press the Function button again to specify a zone. You can only specify zone 1-4 since that is all the Raven allows.  You are now ready to start shooting

*Only 3 zones (1, 2, and 3) are available for use with TTL.  However, you can mix both Manual and TTL, set in different zones, for the same picture.

*When using the MC2 with Nikon FX sensor camera bodies, and FX lenses, you might need to set your XSync speed to 1/200th.  This will switch to the FP/HSS sooner and avoid a tiny bit of clipping when using 1/250th on some Nikon cameras.  You can often use SyncView at 1/320th without issue.

*It is recommended to turn off all optical slaves on units using the MC2 or the Plus IIIe

*PocketWizard PowerMC2 requires E Release firmware version 4.102 or higher

*For a list of the most current firmware available for PocketWizard equipment, please click here

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