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Using SyncView

SyncView is a feature that allows you to shoot faster than your cameras sync speed by using the strobes normal flash pulse.  It does not force the strobe into FP/HSS mode when above X-Sync and using multiple flash pulses.  Thus, SyncView saves battery power on battery operated strobes and offers sync speeds higher than normal for AC powered strobes that don’t have HSS.  The fastest achievable shutter speed is subject to shutter blade travel time and strobe flash duration.  Both of which will vary by the manufacturer and model of the camera body and strobes used.  For best results, all strobe heads, or packs, used for the picture will need to have similar flash duration. 

Every time the Raven is used to trigger a strobe unit, the Raven records the flash pulse by using the light meter built into the nose cone of the Raven and displays the strobes flash pulse characteristics in the SyncView screen.  The SyncView screen can be seen by pressing the SyncView button on the right side of the Raven.  Depending on the strobes flash duration, it is not uncommon to see the display of the flash pulse to extend to the right edge of the screen.  However, you will want to center the highest point of the flash pulse between the Yellow and Blue vertical lines by simply rotate the command ring dial.  By doing this, you are adjusting and fine tuning the timing of when the strobe is triggered in relation to the shutter blades movement and eliminating any clipping that can occur when using the fastest shutter speed possible.   

*If you are using SyncView for the first time, you might need to make a big adjustment to have the Yellow line on the left, and the Blue line on the right.  The Blue line shows the first curtain has finished travelling, and from the far left edge of the screen to the Blue line is the first curtain travel time.  The Yellow line represents when the second curtain is starting to travel.  From the Yellow line to the far right edge of the screen is the second curtain travel time. 

*When using Nikon camera bodies, you will need to have Auto FP selected for use with SyncView

*Example of fastest shutter speed possible based on strobe flash duration using a Godox AD600BM and Nikon D800.  Godox AD600BM set to 1/1 with a flash duration of 1/220, 1/6400 shutter speed is possible. Godox AD600BM set to 1/4 with a flash duration of 1/1196, 1/400 shutter speed is possible.






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