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Using the Remote Sound Trigger mode

Just as it says, you can set the Raven receiver to be triggered by sound.  You simply adjust the sound sensitivity by rotating the command ring dial to a hyper-accurate level that works for your existing environment.  In addition, you can extend the creative possibilities by combining Sound Trigger mode with Remote Trigger Photo count, Relay Mode, and Trigger delay.

Setting up Sound Trigger mode

  • Start from the Zone Control Display screen by tapping on the touchscreen and swiping from right to left across the screen.
  • Now in the Camera Triggering screen, tap the Remote icon
  • Here in the Trigger Input screen, use the command ring dial to scroll to Sound and tap
  • This is the Sound Trigger screen.  Use the command ring dial to adjust the sound sensitivity.  This process might take a few adjustments depending on the amount of ambient noise present in your environment
  • Once you have made your initial adjustment to the sound sensitivity, tap the touchscreen and swipe from top to bottom down the screen.
  • Here in the Remote Camera screen, you have 4 Raven feature icons, Remote Trigger Photo count, Brightness, Relay mode, and Trigger delay.
  • After making any adjustments to these additional features, press the Back/Home button to retrun to the Sound Trigger screen.
  • Now you are ready to begin using Sound Trigger mode

*Click to learn more about combining Sound Trigger mode with the following features, Relay modeTrigger delay, and Remote Trigger Photo count.