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Using Burst Counter

Burst Counter keeps count of the number of images in each sequence the remote camera is triggered.  The Receiver device (Raven, Plus IIIe, Plus IVe) placed in the hot shoe of the remote camera, records the number of sync pulses sent thru the hot shoe of the remote camera and instantly sends the information back to the Raven transmitter resulting in a sequence burst count.  The Burst Counter will reset and begin again as the next trigger sequence begins.  There is no need to turn on or off the Burst Counter, it is always on and recording if a Raven, Plus IIIe, Plus IVe receiver is placed in the hot shoe of the remote camera.  The Plus IIIe/Plus IVe can be be set to either LR or RxLR.


*The Plus IIIe hot shoe must be enabled.

*Burst Counter will not operate when using Sony cameras set to electronic shutter/silent mode.  The hot shoe of the camera becomes disabled preventing a flash sync pulse through the hot shoe for the Plus IIIe/Plus IVe receiver to send the trigger information back to the transmitter for a correct Burst Count.

*When using Sony cameras, it is highly suggested to use the RxLR mode in the PocketWizard Plus IIIe/IVe.  This is due to issues with the Sony A1 and A9II where they can end up triggering the Plus IIIe/IVe when the wake time expires.

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