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Using SpeedCycle

When using SpeedCycle, each receiver radio, or strobe, needs to be set to a channel in sequential order as the Raven will automatically cycle to the next channel after each picture is taken to trigger the next strobe. The Raven does not continuously loop back to the beginning channel. You must pause for 3 seconds, then Raven will reset to the original channel.

For example, if you are using 5 different strobes, each set to a different channel in sequential order, after taking 5 images you will need to pause for 3 seconds so the Raven can reset to your original channel starting point. Be sure not to trigger more than the number of strobes you have set up unless it is for an intended reason. The Raven will continue to trigger in sequential order but does not automatically loop back until you have paused for the 3 seconds.

  • To set up SpeedCycle start by tapping on any zone to highlight the zone letter or number.
  • The tap on the Zone Mode Selector icon  
  • Here in the Zone Mode Screen, tap on the icon  
  • To confirm the SpeedCycle is selected, the icon will be green 
  • The Raven will automatically return you to the Zone Control Display
  • You will now see the SpeedCycle icon in all the zones you selected, and you are now ready to start taking pictures.


For help locating the different Raven screens and icons, please view or download our Raven Screen Flowchart