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Raven quick start guide

Raven Quick Start Guide

Follow this quick-start guide to familiarize yourself with the different screens and buttons to get set-up quickly.

Physical Orientation


Getting Started

Turning on the Raven

Press and hold the Home button for 1 second. The FusionTLC icon and logo will appear while the Raven boots up. The Raven will then launch the Zone Control Display.

Turning off the Raven

Press and hold the Home button for 5 seconds. A slide- to-power-off button will appear. Slide the button to the right with your finger.

Mounting Raven on Camera

Confirm that the make of the camera and model of Raven are identical (e.g. Nikon camera and Nikon-Raven). The make of the Raven is described on the label on the underside of the Raven. Press and hold the Shoe Release buttons on both sides of the Raven and then slide the Raven onto the hot shoe mount of the camera. Do not force the Raven onto the hot shoe mount.

Navigating Interface

Zone Control Display

Enable a zone: a zone that is enabled will display an intensity value in its respective quadrant. If a zone is not enabled, no intensity value will be displayed. If a zone is enabled, the Raven will trigger it. To enable a zone, press and hold the Zone Button for 3 seconds OR tap and hold the zone field on the touchscreen for 3 seconds. The same process is used to disable a zone.

Select a zone: a zone that is selected will display a white circle around the zone letter. To select a zone, press the Zone Button once or tap the zone on the touchscreen. The same process is used to deselect a zone.

Edit a zone: select the zones you wish to edit. Then tap the central zone edit icon:

You will then be taken to the zone edit menu.

Zone Edit Screen

This menu is accessed by pressing the central zone edit icon in the Zone Control Display. The zone edit menu contains the following options:

Screen Shot 2021-03-20 at 12.43.50 PM

Quick Settings Menu

This menu is accessed by swiping from top to bottom while in the Zone Control Display. The quick settings menu contains the following options:

Screen Shot 2021-03-20 at 12.45.21 PM

Connecting a Flash

Prepare Raven

In the Quick Settings Menu, tap the primary/secondary brand selection button at the bottom. Select your primary and secondary flash brand from the list of available flash brands. If you are only utilizing one flash brand, select “None” for the secondary.

Select the zone(s) for which you want to utilize a flash brand. Edit these zones to correspond to the desired use (i.e. TTL, Multi-Pop, etc).

Advanced: select the channel you’d like to control the flash with in the Quick Settings Menu by selecting the primary brand channel button.



Prepare Flash

Place the flash in the same mode (TTL or Manual) and zone as the zone on the Raven you’d like to connect. If using PocketWizard, the remote must be in TTL mode.

Test Connection

Press the Test button on the Raven to send a test flash command to all active zones. If a flash does not fire, confirm the following:

  1. Flash & Raven zones are the same and in same control mode
  2. Flash is powered on and able to receive control signals
  3. Flash is compatible with Raven. Learn more about compatibility. 
  4. Flash & Raven are updated to the latest


This FusionTLC product is covered by a one-year limited warranty for parts and labor.


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