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Camera & flash compatibilities

Learn about the compatibility of our products with different lighting and camera equipment. If you still need help then please contact us at 



Camera Compatibility

Rebel SL1 70D 6D 1Dx
Rebel SL3 77D 6D Mk II 1Dx Mark II
Rebel T4i 80D 7D Mk II 1Dx Mark III
Rebel T8i 90D 5D Mk III *R5
EOS R 5D Mk IV *R6
5Ds R


*When using TTL and above X-Sync, the Canon R5 and R6 are only compatible with strobes connected with the FlexTT5 and FlexTT6 


Speedlite Compatibility "used with FlexTT5 and FlexTT6"

270EX 580EX
270EX II 580EX II
320EX 600EX-RT
430EX 600EX-RTII




Camera Compatibility

D3200 D500 Df Z50
D3400 D600 D4 Z5
D3500 D610 D4s Z6
D5000 D750 D5 Z6 II
D5100 D780 D6 Z7
D5200 D800 Z7 II
D5300 D810 Z fc
D5500 D810A
D5600 D850


Speedlite Compatibility "used with FlexTT5"

SB-500 SB-900
SB-600 SB-910
SB-700 SB-5000





Camera Compatibility

X1D and X1D Mk II




A1 B1 C1 Plus **D1 Air **Pro 8a Air
A1X B1X *D2 AirTTL *Pro 10 AirTTL
A10 B2 AirTTL **D4 *Pro 11
**B4 Air
B10 Plus
B10X Plus


*Up to 500ws power capable in TTL mode. Full power range coming soon
**Not compatibile when using TTL mode


Channels compatibility

A1/A1X 20 Channels
A10 20 Channels
B1/B1X 8 Channels
B2 AirTTL 20 Channels
B4 Air 8 Channels
B10/B10 Plus 20 Channels
B10X/B10X Plus 20 Channels
C1 Plus 20 Channels
D1 Air 8 Channels
D2 AirTTL 20 Channels
D4 8 Channels
Pro 8a Air 8 Channels
Pro 10 AirTTL 8 Channels
Pro 11 20 Channels



Godox Flashpoint Pixapro
AD100 = XPLOR 100 = N/A
AD200 = eVOLV 200 TTL R2 = PIKA200
AD200 Pro = eVOLV 200 Pro TTL R2 = PIKA200 Pro
AD300 Pro = XPLOR 300 Pro TTL R2 = CITI300 Pro
AD360II = Streaklight 360 R2 TTL = HyBRID360
AD400 Pro = XPLOR 400 Pro TTL = CITI400 Pro
AD600 Pro = XPLOR 600 Pro TTL HSS = CITI600 Pro
AD600BM = XPLOR 600 HSS = CITI600
QT1200IIM = Rapid 1200 R2 = KINO1200 II
TT600 = ZOOM R2 = N/A
TT685 = ZOOM R2 TTL = N/A
V350 = ZOOM LI-ON MINI R2 TTL = Li-ion350 TTL
V850II = ZOOM LI-ON R2 = Li-ion580 MKII Manual
V860II = ZOOM LI-ON R2 TTL = Li-ion580 MKII TTL



Paul C. Buff

Link The Raven has direct communication
Einstein The Raven with the CyberSync Tranceiver (CSXCV) or the PocketWizard Power MC2
DigiBee The Raven with the CyberSync Tranceiver (CSXCV)
AlienBees The Raven with the CyberSync Plus Receiver (CSR+) & (CSRB+) or the FlexTT5/FlexTT6 using the AC9
White Lightning The Raven with the CyberSync Plus Receiver (CSR+) & (CSRB+) or the FlexTT5/FlexTT6 using the AC9


*The PocketWizard Plus IIIe and Plus IVe as a transmitter provide manual triggering up to X-Sync speed with no power control on all Paul C Buff lighting equipment


*The PocketWizard FlexTT5 and FlexTT6 as a receiver provide manual triggering with no power control on the LINK, the Einstein, and the Digibee




Plus IIIe PocketWizard Plus IIIe requires E Release firmware version 2.717 or higher
Plus Ive PocketWizard Plus IVe requires E Release firmware version 2.704 or higher
Nikon FlexTT5 PocketWizard FlexTT5 for Nikon requires E Release firmware version 4.105 or higher
Canon FlexTT5/6 PocketWizard FlexTT5/6 for Canon requires E Release firmware version 8.003 or higher
*PowerMC2 PocketWizard PowerMC2 requires E Release firmware version 4.203 or higher

*Not compatible with the Paul C Buff DigiBee

FlexTT6, and/or PowerMC2 from an authorized PocketWizard dealer, the radio will not have the firmware pre installed but will be eligible for a free upgrade to the E Release firmware. If you already own one or more of these units, you can upgrade your existing radios to the new firmware protocol.


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