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Setting up WiFi firmware updates

First you will need to connect your Raven to a Wifi network.  For most Raven users, this is only needed on initial setup.  Once the Wifi is connected to a network, checking for updates in the future is just one push of a button from the Quick Settings Screen


The A icon allows you to choose the type of character in your password.  Uppercase, lowercase, a number, or symbol. 
The B icon allows you to delete the previous character 
The C icon allows you to select the character you have scrolled to and advance to the next character in your password 
The D icon allows you to backup to delete a specific character, or add in another character 
*Do not tap on this icon until all of the characters in your password have been entered


 Connecting to Wifi 

  • To enter your Wifi information, from the Zone Control Display screen swipe bottom to top on the touchscreen.
  • Then rotate the command ring dial until you see Settings icon and tap on it.
  • Now rotate the command ring dial until you see Wifi icon and tap on that.
  • This will begin the Wifi scanning process. Once that is complete, a list of all 2.4 GHz Wifi network names will appear.
  • Scroll through the list and select your Wifi network, tap ✓
  • Here you will enter your Wifi password.
  • Press the A button, or tap on A on the touch screen, to select uppercase, lowercase, number, or symbol. 
  • Use the command ring dial to rotate through the letters, numbers, or symbols.  You can use the touchscreen as well.
  • Press the C button or tap on C on the touchscreen to enter that character. *Do not press the C button or tap on the C icon on the touchscreen for your last character of your password.
  • If you need to edit your character selections, press the D button to go back to an earlier entry to edit your selection. Then use the B button, or tap B on the touchscreen, to delete that character entry.
  • When finished entering your Wifi password tap on ✓ to connect to your Wifi network.
  • When connected press the Back/Home button to return to the Zone Control Display.

    Cloud updating
    • From the Zone Control Display swipe top to bottom on the touchscreen. 
    • Then tap on the cloud updating icon Cloud_Update_Cloud
    • The Raven will then search the cloud to see if any updates are available.
    • If there is an update available it will say Downloading Now, or tell you if you are up to date. 
    • When done downloading, it will ask to "Update Now?", tap on ✓ to proceed. 
    • The majority of the updates will take less than the stated 8min. 
    • During the updates you might see several progress bars, 1-5, 2-5, etc.
    • Once completed, the Raven will return to the Zone Control Display.

    *Your Raven must have at least 25% battery to update firmware



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