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Selecting and adjusting Power Level Zones

One feature that makes the Raven so unique is its speed and ease of use.  Using the LED touchscreen along with the large command dial, you can make quick and easy changes to the Zone Power Levels.

  • To make changes to the power levels for each zone, or multiple zones, simply press and hold the zone button or tap within the zone on the touchscreen for 1 second to turn on that zone to see the power level display. 
  • Once the zone is on, you can then quickly tap the zone button, or touchscreen, to select that particular zone for power level changes, or multiple zones for equal amounts of power level changes.  Notice that the zone letter is highlighted within a white circle.
  • Now you can turn the command ring dial to make fast easy power level adjustments to your flashes.
  • After you have made your adjustment, the zone will deselect after 10 seconds of non-activity.  This is to ensure there is no accidental bumping of the command dial resulting in unintended power level changes.
  • To make additional power level changes, quickly tap the zone button, or touchscreen, to select that zone letter and rotate the command dial to make your power level changes.
  • Once your power levels are set, you can lock the screen to prevent accidental bumping of the command ring dial, zone buttons, or mistaken swipes of the touchscreen.

Click here to learn how to enable the lock screen feature.

* When using Godox/Flashpoint lighting equipment, the Raven sends the Power Level adjustments as they are being made on the Raven. When using Paul C Buff Einstein, using the Cybersync Transceiver or PowerMC2, the Raven sends the Power Level adjustments as they are being made on the Raven. When using Profoto lighting equipment, the Raven sends the power level adjustments as the shutter release is pressed when taking the picture.  You will not see the power level on the Profoto equipment change until this happens. Additionally, if a battery is changed on a Profoto flash/strobe, the user should press the TEST button or change the power level up, or down, a small amount to resend the settings and modes.  Otherwise, Profoto can lose its place at the time of the battery swap, or if turned on after the Raven sets the power.

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