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Meet Raven

The universal lighting and camera triggerBuy now
The FusionTLC Raven on a Nikon Z7 II

The FusionTLC Raven on a Nikon Z7 II

Intuitively adjust your lights

Revolutionary interface
Haptic ring dial and OLED touchscreen

Haptic ring dial and OLED touchscreen

Flash control down to a science.

TTL, PowerTrack, and ManualExplore flash control

Achieve ultimate creativity with visual flash pop timing adjustment.

SyncView: The future of flash controlLearn about SyncView

Master your big event with confidence and reliability.

Remote camera triggeringSee remote camera triggering on the Raven
The Raven being used at the NCAA Final Four

The Raven being used at the NCAA Final Four

What our users are saying

I continue to love Raven and the control I have at the camera. I had full control over power, and was quickly able to adjust and play to get an exposure I wanted.

Paul Frocchi
Photographer at Stills That Move

The user interface is incredible! Actually beyond incredible. After realizing that it's a touch-screen, it's REALLY easy to navigate through the menus.

Mike McGee
Headshot and Portrait Photographer

Cloud updates of firmware are awesome! It doesn’t seem like a huge deal, but simply tapping a button on the Raven and letting it do its thing is refreshing.

Ben Kuhns
Photographer for

The Raven is the brains of my kit. It's changed the game for my real estate and wedding photography business.

Kata Sasvari
Kata Sasvari Photography

Unify your gear with simultaneous brand flash control.

The Raven is compatible with popular brands such as Godox, PocketWizard, Profoto, and Paul C. Buff. Using the brand selector, you can control two brands at the same time bringing unparalleled flexibility.

See how the Raven will augment your workflow.

Quick Shoe release
Quick Shoe release

Mount easily to your camera’s hot shoe in less than a second using two quick release buttons. A unibody metal shoe improves electrical and physical contact and a lock pin makes a satisfying click once it’s in place.

A built-in light can be used for focus assist (both IR and white focus assist available – perfect for mirrorless cameras) and a fill light (either for video or still photography). When used as a fill, the built-in light is color temperature (2200K - 6500K) and intensity adjustable.

OLED Touchscreen
OLED Touchscreen

The Raven features a full-color touchscreen designed to function wherever you take your studio. The OLED touchscreen allows you to select and edit lighting zones, adjust trigger settings, set up a main camera and remotes, and configure an array of proprietary features. 

Discover an intuitive way to interact with your lights. Simply rotate the dial to adjust your power level and feel a satisfying tick. The Raven lets your fingers think for you.

The Raven takes a Texas Rodeo photographer to the next level

TTL, PowerTrack, and Manual

TTL, PowerTrack, and Manual

The Raven has three flash control modes that can be mixed and matched in the four zones. Achieve the ideal exposure, automatically with through the lens (TTL) lighting control. Find the goldilocks of TTL and Manual with PowerTrack. Obtain ultimate control with manual mode.

Explore flash control
Never miss a shot – boundary defying range.

Never miss a shot – boundary defying range.

The Raven puts range and reliability at the center of it's design and user experience. Using the visual noise meter, you can easily see a visual indication of channel noise for the 32 flash control channels and 130 camera control channels.

Under the hood, a custom-designed conical antennae and SAW filter with uniform beam density enable the Raven to achieve a world class signal signal to noise ratio.

See our testing data
Intelligent focus assist
Intelligent focus assist

Achieve razor sharp focus with IR or white light focus assist. In today’s world of fast-paced shoots with changing lighting conditions, sometimes your camera needs some extra help to find the perfect focus. Raven automatically turns on its built-in IR or white lights when your camera is focusing.


Intelligently capture multiple exposures in the same frame.

Learn more

Sequential flash triggering for activated zones.

Learn more

Master your big event with confidence.

The Raven is the most robust two-way radio platform ever created for professional photographers to trigger remote cameras.
The Raven is the most robust two-way radio platform ever created for professional photographers to trigger remote cameras. Learn more
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