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Setting channels in the Raven

One of the most important steps in the set-up process, the Raven instils user confidence in the smart and intuitive channel selecting process by utilizing the RF Noise Indicator feature.  

Selecting channels for use with strobe

  • From the Zone Control Display, tap the touchscreen at the top and swipe down to the bottom.
  • This brings you to the Quick Setting Screen where you will tap on the Channel Selector icon 
  • Here you will see a list of channels with the RF noise level bar on the right displaying the amount of RF noise for that channel
  • Use the command ring dial to scroll through all the channels and pick the channel with the most amount of Green in the RF noise level bar
  • Tap the ✓to confirm your channel selection
  • After confirming your channel selection, you will be brought back to the Quick Setting Screen.  
  • Press the Back/Home button to return to the Zone Control Display 

For help locating the different Raven screens and icons, please view or download our Raven Screen Flowchart

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