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Setting up Godox/Flashpoint/Pixapro strobes to the Raven

These 3 strobe makers are all identical and manufactured by Godox, with Flashpoint being rebranded for the United States, and Pixapro being rebranded for Europe.  All 3 brands will be under the Godox name in the Raven. The Raven transmitter has been updated to match the new Godox firmware to have power levels in tenths stops similar to the Profoto power levels. As long as Godox is selected as the 1st brand option, the maximum power levels is now 10 and the minimum is now 2.

For setup with the Raven

  • To set up your Raven to trigger Godox lighting equipment, start from the Zone Control Display and swipe from bottom to top of the touchscreen. 
  • Then rotate the dial to the Brand icon and tap on it.  
  • Scroll through the 1st column using the command ring dial until Godox is in the white space, then press   
  • Now you can select the channel based on the least amount of RF Noise available (most green in the scale), and press .  Be sure to set the same channel into your Godox lighting equipment.
  • Press the Back/Home button to return to Zone Control Display so you can begin taking pictures.

For quick channel changes

  • From the Zone Control Display, swipe from the top to the bottom of the touchscreen.
  • Then tap on the Channel Selector icon 
  • Now you can scroll through all 32 channels.  Press the to select the channel in the white space.  Remember to set this new channel into your Godox lighting equipment
  • Then press the Back/Home button once to take you back to the Zone Control Display where you can begin taking pictures

    *Only 3 zones (A, B, and C) are available for use with TTL mode. Zone D can only be used in Manual mode. The Godox AD600BM and Xplor AD600 need to have firmware version 1.9 or newer to be compatible with the Raven. Godox AD200 / AD400 / AD600 users, when the flash is used off-camera, it is highly recommended to disable the Auto Power standby function.  If you do not have this mode set to disable, the flash turns off on you if you stop shooting for more than 30 minutes.

    To see a list of compatible Godox/Flashpoint/Pixapro models, please visit our compatibility page.

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