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Setting up dual flash brands for control and triggering

The Set-Up

Selecting flash brands

  • Start in the Zone Control Display and swipe from bottom to top on the touchscreen.
  • Then use the command ring dial to scroll to the Brand icon and tap on it.
  • Here is where you will select your flash brands. You can use your finger to scroll through the brand names, or tap on 1st, or 2nd, and use the command ring dial to scroll through the brand names.
  • Once you have your selections made, tap on ✓


Selecting your channel

  • You will need to use the same Channel for all your remote flashes. The strobe brand with the least number of channels available will dictate the available channels for both brands.
  • When selecting your channel, be sure to select a channel for each strobe brand based on the RF Noise Indicator. The more green in the RF noise level bars the better the signal.
  • If the RF noise level bar shows Yellow or Red, you should switch to a channel with more green. Yellow and Red indicators show more RF noise, and your signal quality will be dramatically reduced.
  • Once you have made your channel selection, press ✓
  • Then press the Back button on the right side of the Raven to return to the Zone Control Display


Selecting and adjusting your power settings

It is possible to use both strobe brands in the same zone. However, it is highly recommended that both strobe models have the same power range or you may not have full control of power levels for each strobe. Profoto strobes cannot exceed a 4 stop power difference between any other letter zone that is active.  Any letter zones not being used should be deactivated.

  • To adjust the power level, quickly tap the zone letter on the touchscreen so the zone letter is highlighted
  • Then rotate the command ring dial to make your power level adjustment.
  • Once you have set your zones and power levels for Buff, you can now set your Wizard zones and power levels by repeating the steps above.

    *Profoto strobes only have a one-way communication using the 2.4GHz frequency, so the Raven does not know the power range for each Profoto model.  Some models have an 8 stop power range while others have up to 10 stop power range. Because of this, it is necessary to select the model of strobe you are using in each Raven zone. If you choose to have 2 different models of strobes with different power ranges on the same Raven zone, you may not have full control of the power range of each strobe. To learn more on how to set up Profoto strobes in the Raven zone, please click here

    *When using Profoto strobes in dual flash brand triggering, some strobe models used in zone D may have to be set to "Other" and power set manually.


    To Make quick changes to your channel, you can use the Quick Setting screen.

    • From the Zone Control Display, swipe from the top to bottom of the touchscreen.
    • Then tap on the Channel Selector icon 
    • Change your channel based on the RF Noise Indicator and tap✓ when finished.