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Charging your Raven's battery

Charging your Raven's built-in 2500mAh rechargeable lithium-ion battery

  • To charge up your Raven lithium-ion battery, start by plugging the supplied USB 2.0 power data cable into a 1-amp or greater USB charger, and the other end into the USB mini port on the left side of the Raven
  • Once the Raven is fully connected to the USB cable and to the USB charger, a transparent screen will show the battery level with a green charging symbol.  You can also view this information in the Quick Setting Screen
  • Allow 3hrs charging time from 0% to 100%

*Do not let the Raven remain completely dead for long periods of time and avoid going more than a month without a charge.  Also, when not in use, do not leave the Raven plugged in charging 24/7, topping off once or twice a week will give a longer life than constant charging.

*The Raven can be charge while in use except when used as a remote receiver.  The Raven will be using a cable to trigger the remote camera in this situation.

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