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Charging your Raven's battery

Charging your Raven's built-in 2500mAh rechargeable lithium-ion battery

The Raven has a built-in 2500mAh rechargeable lithium-ion battery that can operate continuously for anywhere between 16 and 20hrs with a 3-hour charging time from 0% to 100%, with a rapid charge from 0% to 66%, and is capable of being charged while in use. When the Raven reaches 20% battery or less, the black background of the Raven screen will turn Red (as seen in the image at bottom of the page). This is just a warning that the battery is getting low. Once the battery level is 25% or less, you will lose functionality of some features, such as WiFi updates, Fill Light, and Auto/Manual Focus assist light.

We highly recommend using the supplied USB 2.0 type A to Micro B charging and data transfer cable. Please use a 1-amp minimum charger, such as an iPhone charging cube, a 2-amp Android charger, a multi-port USB electronics charger, or your computer. Using a charger that supplies more than 1-amp of charging power will not charge the Raven faster since the Raven only accepts 1-amp of input charging power.

It is not recommended to leave the Raven charging for long periods of time since the Raven has a charger chip that has a 10-hour limiter for charging. Also, if the Raven's internal temperature reaches 125°F the Raven will stop charging until the temperature lowers to 110°F. The Raven’s internal temperature can be found in the About screen in the Raven’s settings icons.

The Raven will lose approximately 2%-3% in battery power in a 24hr period due to the Clock Setting feature that runs in the background even when the Raven is powered off. There is no way to turn this feature off since it is needed for other Raven features. It is highly recommended to always charge your Raven the night before a photoshoot.



On 8th November 2022, we added power management to Raven’s CPU to reduce power by 50% when camera is sleeping or idle. We also added a Charging Status screen when the unit is powered down with USB connected. For this the Raven needs to be turned on and then connected to the USB before turning it off. Please be sure to update the firmware in your Raven if you have not done so.

The Raven’s internal temperature will also increase while charging especially from 0% to 40% since it is rapid charging at this point. With a low battery and a unit turned on while charging, the thermal protection for the battery will trip and stop charging until it cools down below 110°F degrees at which point it will start charging again automatically. If the Raven's internal temperature reaches 125°F, the Raven will stop charging until the temperature lowers to 110°F to protect the unit. The Raven’s internal temperature can be found in the About screen in the Raven’s settings icons.


Charging your Raven: 

  • Power on your Raven
  • Using the supplied power/data cable, plug the USB mini connector into the left side of the Raven
  • Connect the USB A connector of the cable into a charger or your computer
  • Turn the Raven off by pressing and holding the Back/Home button for 3 seconds.
  • A power off slider will appear on the touchscreen
  • Swipe to the right side with your finger over the power off slider
  • The Raven will now display the current charging status. You should see a battery symbol and a blinking lightning bolt, plus the charging percentage.
  • During the charge period, if you happen to see that your Raven has stopped charging before reaching 100% (that the lightning bolt has disappeared but the radio is not at 100%), simply tap the screen to see if the status updates to 100%.
  • When done charging, disconnect the USB cable from the Raven.
Note: If the Raven does not automatically power down after removing the cable, press the Back/Home button to turn it on before turning it off. (Our tech team is working to resolve this bug).

    * We do understand that there are times when charging while powered on is necessary to get you through a long photo shoot. For best results, please make it a standard practice of powering down the Raven for charging as described above.

    * High humidity, extreme cold, or high temperatures can decrease battery life, even while the Raven is powered off. Store your Raven in dry, cool locations whenever possible.

    *If the Raven runs completely dead, or has not been charged for an extended period and will not power up when pressing the Back/Home or Test button, you may need to do the following. Press and hold the Test-Back/Home-SyncView button all at the same time for 30 seconds as you plug in the USB cable. This will force a small charge into the Raven to power it up. This is only required when charging with a 1-amp limit or less.

    *To keep the best longevity of the Raven battery, it is recommended not to leave the Raven on the charger for months at a time, and do not let the Raven battery die and let sit for months at a time. Topping the battery off every few days and the night before photoshoots will allow for longer battery life than constant charging.

    *The Raven battery can be replaced when the battery life begins to diminish. Contact Raven Support to schedule a battery replacement.


    Photo credit: Ilko Allexandroff