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Using Relay Mode

One of the most valuable features when using Remote Camera Triggering, Relay mode allows you to use strobes when triggering a remote camera.

Relay Mode works by using two channels.  One is a receiving channel, and the other is a transmitting channel to send the signal to the strobe radio when the remote camera is triggered.  The transmitting signal is on the Flash Control side (2.4GHz and 340-350MHz), so you have the option of selecting any single flash brand or you can combine two flash brands. 

  • Start setting up the Raven receiver by tapping the touchscreen and swiping from the right to left side of the screen in the Zone Control Display
  • This brings you to the Camera Triggering Screen. 
  • Here you will tap on the Remote icon.
  • In the next screen, using the command ring dial, scroll to Radio and tap the ✓
  • This Remote Receiver Confirmation screen shows the current amount of RF noise present for the current channel selected, the letter zone, and how many intervals you have set.  From this screen, tap the touchscreen and swipe from the top to the bottom of the screen.
  • Here you will tap on the Relay Mode icon 
  • To confirm Relay Mode is now set, you should see this icon 
  • From here you can now set your receiving channel by selecting 
  • You can also set your receiving zone by selecting 
  • When finished with your zone selections, press the Back button to return to the Receiver Confirmation screen.  You are now ready to use Relay Mode


*You can combine Relay Mode with the following features, Remote Sound Trigger, Remote Radio Trigger, Trigger delay, and Remote Trigger Photo count