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Setting up Wake Schedule

Wake Schedule was designed to allow you to place your Raven in remote positions or locations for the ultimate creative experience when using features such as Intervalometer, Remote Sound Trigger, Remote Radio Trigger, and Remote Light Trigger.  With Wake Schedule you can set the date and time of day for the Raven to wake up from a sleep mode, saving valuable battery life and begin performing as programmed.

Before using Wake Schedule, you will need to set the Clock Setting with your current time and date, to set up Clock Settings click here

  • To set a Wake Schedule, start by swiping on the touchscreen from bottom to top in the Zone Control Display.  
  • The use the command ring dial to scroll thru the icons to Wake Schedule and tap on the icon.  
  • Now select a date, and time of day. When finished tap ✓
  • The Raven then shows you that the Raven is in sleep mode, with a countdown to its wake schedule.  
  • If needed, you can cancel this feature by pressing the Back/Home button.

*When the sleep mode time expires, the Raven automatically switches to the Remote Camera screen

*Click to learn more about setting up Intervalometer, Remote Sound Trigger, and Remote Radio Trigger.