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Latest Raven Firmware Update

Current Firmware update: 14th March, 2023

We recently updated the Raven's firmware with numerous updates such as to the battery level calculations and reduced lockups. We also added new features such as a Beta release of Ratio Light Metering and the addition of TTL for Buff Link and Celestial flashes. Here is the rundown:

If you wish to update your Raven using a USB, please download the firmware file from here. You can view the instructions on how-to from here.

New Features
Bug Fixes or improvements

App 3.2.34:
- Greatly improved battery life and battery level calculations:
          o About 80% longer battery life turned on or off

- Charger overcurrent protection for dead battery startups:
          o When a Raven battery was completely dead, it could cause some 1amp chargers to shut down due to the way the system powers up too many chips at once.
          o The Raven now checks the battery status before letting higher current chips turn on.
- Charging screen bug fixed:
          o Raven didn’t always turn off automatically when the USB was unplugged.
- Power off slider didn’t always turn off. This bug has been fixed.
- Fixed Nikon Z9 HSS/FP sync when running in manual mode.
- Reduced user interface lock up and screen glitch events.
- Master Camera triggering mode:
          o Triggered from the shoe no longer causes “frame stuttering” on remote cameras.
- Fixed Operating system timing errors when Raven entered power saving modes:
          o Manual + Sync mode – Sync speeds greatly improved.
          o Multi-Pop & Intervalometer timing is now correct when in low power.
          o Modeling light shutdown timer was wrong.
- Sync Only mode was not powering up in the correct state:
          o If last powered down in Sync Only mode, it was not behaving as it should when powered back up the next time.

- Fixed an issue where Slave Eye on Buff flashes was not getting forced to the Off state when operating from CyberSync radio module.

- Beeper control was fixed to set the mode on Raven power up.
o Recycle Beeper is controlled by the Sound On/Off in Raven quick settings screen.

- Changed the Manual Power adjustment range from 8 stops to 10 stops.
- Beta release of Ratio Light Metering:
          o Fast sequential firing of flash zones and then compare the light output from each flash to the total amount of light from all flashes.
          o Shows the results in f-stops relative difference for each flash.
- Modeling Light Icon now indicates when the Modeling light has entered the sleep mode:
          o Modeling light sleep mode is controlled from the Continuous Light menu selection.
- Added Canon EOS RP and EOS R support for SyncView and HSS


App 3.2.36:

- Fixed Nikon Manual mode issue that was introduced in the previous firmware update; App: 3.2.34 on 14th March, 2023.


Radio 4.2.59:
Fixed the Profoto B10 Plus power level display.

- Fixed Profoto HSS/FP mode manual power level display.
- Battery level status and management firmware fixed.

- Fixed X-Sync timing for Canon cameras using PocketWizard Plus III or IV as receiver.

          o At X-Sync (typically 1/250th) shutter clipping could occur on some cameras.
- Buff brand TTL added:
          o Added Buff brand TTL for Link and Celestial flashes. Buff Celestial requires firmware version: 001.003.109 (or later) and Buff Link requires firmware version: 001.011.106 (or later)
          o Buff brand triggering reliability improvements
- Added Godox brand Beeper control.


Light 2.3.2:
 Improved the light pulse capture algorithms. Light pulse is now properly scaled from top to bottom in the display window.

Previous Update: 2nd February, 2023

We recently updated the Raven's firmware with updates to the charging status screen and bug fixes related to PCB Link and Celestial flashes. Here is the rundown. 

If you wish to update your Raven using a USB, please download the firmware file from here. You can view the instructions on how-to from here.

App: 3.2.7

  • Blue LED is used to indicate charging status after it is turned off (blue = still charging, no light = done)
  • Brightness of charging status screen reduced to prevent screen burn that might slowly accumulate over years of use.

Radio: 4.2.39

  • Fixed bug related to Paul Buff Link and Celestial flashes where HSS for Zone2, 3 & 4 didn’t work unless Zone1 was enabled.

Celestial TTL:

Fusion TLC is working on updates this coming week to add TTL support for the new Celestial to the Raven

Previous Update: 6th January, 2023

We recently updated the Raven's firmware with bug fixes and added new camera and flash model compatibilities along with Profoto power value display for some Profoto flashes. Here is the rundown:

Main App: 3.2.6

  • Added Canon R7 compatibility
  • Added Canon R6-II compatibility
  • Added Profoto A2 compatibility
  • Fixed bug with charging status display getting stuck and stops updating while charging

Radio: 4.2.38:

  • Added Profoto A2 support
  • *Fixed power value display for Profoto A1, A1X, A10, B10
  • Updated Profoto TTL mode to match the newest firmware from Profoto released from June 2022

*Requires firmware updates from Profoto released from June 2022 or after


Previous Update: 8th November, 2022

We recently updated the Raven's firmware to help fix some battery drain issues with the Raven. Here is the rundown:

Main App: 3.2.0

  • Added power management to Raven’s CPU to reduce power by 50% when camera is sleeping or idle.
  • Added Charging Status screen when unit is powered down with USB connected. For this the Raven needs to be turned on and then connected to the USB before turning it off. 
    • This will also prevent inadvertent excess current draw that would happen when USB charger was unplugged after the Raven was turned off.
  • Added auto top-off charger logic to prevent battery level from going below 97% after charging cycle completes.
  • Reduced current power draw in Scheduled Wakeup feature while waiting for wake up to happen (for remote camera event photography).
  • Canon Raven: Fixed bug in Master Camera mode that caused Canon cameras to limit the upper shutter speed to just X-Sync.

Light: 2.1.3

  • Added shutdown timer to front nose light/light meter and LED controller to prevent ESD (Static) from waking up the CPU while the unit is powered off and causing excess battery drain.


Previous Update: 29th September, 2022 

The PocketWizard PowerMC2 firmware was recently updated to v4.216 FCC/CE for use with the Raven and the Paul C. Buff Einstein with firmware v55 and LINK with firmware v001.010.101.

  • Added: Compatibility for Zone D power control for use with the Einstein and the LINK
  • Added: Channels 21-32, with all Channels 1-32 matching the Raven’s Flash control E-Release frequencies
  • Bug Fix: Rapid spinning of the command ring dial on Raven or AC3 no longer reboots Einstein and loses settings such as channel and modeling light modes.

Before updating, please read these important details prior to connecting the PowerMC2 to the PocketWizard utility. Click here to learn more about downloading the PocketWizard utility for your current operating system. 

To update your Einstein firmware, please visiPaul C. Buff website

*Please report any firmware problems to   or 



Previous Update: 9th September, 2022

We recently updated the Raven's firmware with fixes to battery drain issues of the Raven. Here is the rundown:

App:  3.1.0

  • Improved the power down process to reduce the chance of extra battery drain when powered off and charging

During recent testing of the Raven battery, we found that the Raven screen powered off well before the internal USB processor and if the USB charging cable was plugged into the Raven while this processor is still powered, it would continue to run even when the USB charging cable was unplugged. This reduces the battery level while the user assumes the Raven is fully powered off. Users should wait at least 3 seconds after the Raven screen is powered off to ensure the Raven is fully powered off before plugging in the USB charging cable to into the Raven.

Learn more about charging your Raven battery here.


  • Fixed issue with occasional failure to wake up when pressing the BACK/HOME button

This corrects an issue with powering on the Raven shortly after powering it off. There were instances where the Raven would not power back up if the Back/Home button was pressed too soon after power down. This delay has now been shortened from 5 seconds to ½ a second.


Radio: 4.2.31

  • Added PocketWizard support for Manual Zone D for the upcoming MC2 firmware update (for Einstein flash)

  • MC2 firmware update coming within 1-2 weeks. 

Raven users will soon have use of all 4 zones (A-D) on the Raven and Einstein strobe. We are finishing up firmware for the PowerMC2 and working with Paul C Buff on firmware for the Einstein strobe for specific use with the Raven.


Previous Update: 12th May, 2022

We recently updated the Raven's firmware with fixes to Nikon Z9 support, added the user interface lock feature and more. Here is the rundown: 

App 3.0.96:

  • Added Multi-Zone trigger support to Master Camera Trigger Mode

- This affects only people using remote camera control functions

- This allows photographers to select more than one zone from A to H for Raven to Raven and A to D for Raven to Plus IIIe/Plus IVe when using the Raven as the transmitter in Master Camera Trigger Mode for remote camera triggering. Learn more at

  • Added Godox manual power display to match 10.0 = maximum like Profoto

- When Godox is set as 1st option in Brands, the power levels will now show 10 as full power and 2.0 as minimum power. No longer +0.0 to -8.0. This is to match the newer Godox firmware update for their transmitters which has 10 as maximum power and 2.0 as minimum power. 

  • Added User Interface Lock feature

- Added to the Power Down slider function
- This allows photographers to “lock” or “unlock” the User Interface screens to prevent unintentionally changing power levels, settings, or changing screens. Test and Back/Home buttons are not locked as those will still be needed. Learn more at

  • Added Nikon Z9 support
  • Adjusted pre-flash sensitivity for Profoto TTL on Nikon Mirrorless
  • Fixed bugs in TTL for Nikon Z6II/Z7II when used with Profoto strobes

Radio 4.2.25:

  • Added CE (Europe) PocketWizard channel support
  •   Added redundant pre-flash for Profoto TTL metering for Nikon

- Improves reliability

  • Fixed timing for remote camera PING response

- Only for remote camera control functions
- Allows the Raven to properly read each zone when consecutive zones are used in Plus IIIe/Plus IVe receiver units. Learn more at


PocketWizard Plus IIIe V2.739

  •   Updated the LR (Long Range) remote PING Test and trigger confirmation timing.

PocketWizard Plus IVe V2.709

  •   Updated the LR (Long Range) remote PING Test and trigger confirmation timing.


Previous Update: 21st February, 2022

 We recently updated the Raven's firmware with fixes to Paul C. Buff flashes, launching Light Metering (Beta) and more. Here is the rundown:

App 3.0.87:

  • Display of Country code on About Screen for upcoming international release
  • Added Canon R3 timing calibration for mechanical shutter modes.
  • Bug fix for Display lockup (quick recovery)
  • Put back in low battery auto-shutdown if battery at 0%
  • Light Metering – Beta release (from SyncView Screen)

Radio 4.2.16:

  • Minor bug fix for Profoto flash triggering
  • CyberSync (Buff brand) bug fix
  • Light metering modes support

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