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SyncView, HSS & Rear Curtain Sync


Optimize your high-speed flash photography and move beyond HSS.  SyncView is a feature that allows you to shoot faster than your cameras sync speed by using the strobes normal full flash pulse. It does not force the strobe into FP/HSS mode when above X-Sync and use multiple flash pulses. Thus, SyncView saves battery power on battery operated strobes and offers sync speeds higher than normal for AC powered strobes that do not feature HSS.  

With the push of a button, the SyncView screen displays a never-before-seen representation of flash intensity over the length of the shutter cycle.  A built-in light meter captures the flash profile and reveals timing in relation to the opening and closing of the shutter curtains.  To adjust flash timing, simply rotate the ring dial to optimize timing of your flash. 

The fastest achievable shutter speed is subject to shutter blade travel time and strobe flash duration. Both of which will vary by the manufacturer and model of the camera and strobes used. For best results, all strobe heads, or packs, used for the images will need to have similar flash duration. 

Click here to learn how to setup SyncView on your Raven


Focal Plane/High-Speed Sync (HSS) is a creative tool that allows you more artistic control when there is the need for a faster shutter speed to freeze moving subjects, action sports, and to control the ambient light. It allows you to use shutter speeds much faster than the camera’s native flash sync, typically 1/200th or 1/250th of a second. 

These faster shutter speeds are achieved when the rear curtain begins to close before the front curtain fully opens. In this process, the Raven sends signals to the flash units for several flash pules as only a small window of exposure moves across the image sensor. These flash pulses, which in total equal the flash units set power level, more than cover the length of the shutter speed.

Since the camera’s sensor is not capturing the full amount of the strobe pulse, you will need to adjust your exposure by opening your aperture, and or, increasing your ISO when shooting in manual mode. These exposure adjustments may not be necessary when shooting in TTL mode. However, you will also be using up more battery power when using battery powered flashes and speedlights regardless of what exposure mode you are using.

Click here to learn how to setup HSS on your Raven


Rear Curtain Sync

The Raven gives you the ultimate control for the most precise timing when performing Rear Curtain Sync.  Using our Sync View feature allows you to optimize the effect of flash delay timing to minimize streaking after the strobe pop and enhancing the light trails that portray motion before the strobe pop.  Adjustments to the timing delay of the strobe pop are available on the OLED screen as you rotate the Raven’s control dial.

*At this time, Rear Curtain Sync is only available for Nikon cameras

Photo Credit: Duke Pham



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