Perception is everything in the world of photography and visual arts. It’s a lifelong assignment that renowned photographer Jonathan Earl understands and continues to pull off. For over 10 years, Earl, founder and director of JRP Media, has been a professional photographer, merging creativity and passion with his unique camera lenses. He specializes in using multimedia to tell stories about clients that resonate and connect with the viewer on a deeply personal level. His roster of clients include both national and international people from various walks of life, from attorneys to CEO’s, musicians to athletes and models to actors and celebrities.


Photographer Jonathan Earl of JRP Media


"I love telling stories about my clients that resonate and connect with the viewer on a very personal level. I think sitting down with my clients and really getting to know their motivation so that I can craft a narrative that shapes their story or their brand is what sets me apart." Jonathan happily points out when asked about the craft he enjoys doing. 

With each peculiar shoot, Jonathan searches for creative ways to get the desired, distinct results - as we can see with this shoot. Jonathan deployed the innovative FusionTLC Raven - an exceptional, high-speed camera trigger.

Read on to find out he was able to create these amazing photographs. 


The shoot workflow

One of Jonathan’s latest shoots led him to do a lifestyle photoshoot of newbie YouTuber, Helen. The assignment, in this case, was to capture her life, interests and personality in images in the shortest time possible, as Helen lives an active lifestyle. Also adding the fact that she is a vibrant child, made even more sense for Jonathan to pack small, light, versatile gear. 

So for this particular shoot, he used a Canon 5D Mark III, Canon EF 85mm f/1.2L with two Godox AD360 II’s, and the FusionTLC Raven to connect his gear and supercharge his photoshoot. 

Raven’s flexibility with fast paced shoots

Photo credit: Jonathan Earl


For his first shot, Jonathan set up one Godox AD360 with an Elinchrom softbox and placed the other Godox AD360 on the side to bounce off the walls to fill up the shadows in her face to achieve a clean, crisp image.

"Photographing children is quite fast-paced and the Raven helped me keep up with the momentum and energy of the shoot, allowing me to constantly pique my subject's interest since I spent almost no time setting up the lights."


Raven’s nose cone light boosts Jonathan’s creativity

Photo credit: Jonathan Earl


Jonathan wanted to photograph Helen mid-air in a very dark corridor at her residence. This setup would require photographers to use camera triggers, and in most cases, the desired results aren't achieved. He recalls that other triggers he used in the past emitted an infrared light during operation. More so, these flash triggers don't function properly when he is metering in low light with his camera underexposed most times. However, there was something different this time. 

For this shot, Jonathan used a Godox light behind him and the other placed inside the room on the left at the back, both connected to the Raven trigger to achieve a dramatic, cinematic look. Jonathan quickly flipped the Raven’s modeling lamplight to auto focus and accurately expose Helen instantaneously. The Focus Assist light of the Raven automatically turns on when your camera is focusing and offers a small boost of light to lock in razor sharp focus.

“Ravens TTL functionality delivered more consistent control than any other brand I have used in the past."


Ravens consistency and reliability

Photo credit: Jonathan Earl


Next, Jonathan wanted to capture Helen having breakfast while photographing her zest and curiosity by having her lean on the table. For this particular shot, he had the light just off to his left coupled with a two foot Elinchrom softbox giving a nice little glint in her eye and a Godox AD360 to his right bouncing off the wall to create a rich fill.


Photo credit: Jonathan Earl


Lastly, Jonathan wanted to capture Helen’s love for Jazz by creatively lighting up the doorway. He used the Godox AD360 with an Elinchrom softbox to have light fall off to punctuate a stage-like setup. The result? A photograph that looks like it was nicked out of a country music video. Helen's soft composure and stance coupled with the immersive details in the background spoke untold stories.

“This was by far my favorite shoot because it was not only filled with energy and fun but thanks to Raven’s consistency and reliability, I was able to quickly adjust and capture moments I otherwise wouldn’t have with any other camera trigger.”


It’s all about your subject

Jonathan tends to spend time getting to know his clients and subjects before commencing shoots. He reasons that the more you get to know your subject and their story, the more you can really get into the narrative and produce the best images. Since photographing children is fast-paced, to keep them interested, Jonathan suggests showing them photos once photographed on the camera. He understands that this process keeps them engaged and sparks their creativity for the next shot.

"The Raven allowed me to control multiple lights at once while capturing properly exposed photographs at a much faster face with almost no setup time.”


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