Ron "Nino" Batista is a photographer, writer, musician and overall creator whose work is regularly published in lifestyle publications across the world including FHM and Playboy. Based in Houston, Texas, Nino has been photographing since 2009 and is regarded as a premier commercial model photographer, educator, product developer and mentor to artists and novice photographers. Batista is known for capturing sensual photos that celebrate female beauty and empower his models.


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Nino photographed the gorgeous Brennah in his most recent portrait shoot for Yandy's bridal lingerie collection. is an American online retailer and fashion design company focusing on lingerie, swimwear, Halloween costumes, and women's apparel. The retailer’s swimwear collections have been shown at New York Fashion Week, Miami Swim Week, and Scottsdale Fashion Week. In 2017, Yandy became the swimsuit sponsor for the 2017 Miss USA Pageant.

Photo Credit: Nino Batista


Nino’s angelic photoshoot setup

To capture the spread, Nino chose his Canon 6D Mark II with an 85mm F1.8 lens along with the FusionTLC Raven to trigger a three-light setup with a Paul C. Buff Einstein and two Digibees. 

It had been a long time since Nino had used a three-light setup in a studio and, as a new addition to his gear, he was eager to test out the Raven — a NextGen lighting and camera trigger— for the first time. He describes connecting and triggering his lighting setup with the Raven as a seamless and exhilarating experience, one that made him feel in control of his environment. 

“I'm very happy to say I figured out how to connect everything almost instantaneously,” exclaims Nino. “The instructions were extremely easy to navigate and what was even more fascinating was the Raven’s OLED display where I was able to access, monitor and set-up my Einstein and Digibees on one sleek touch screen.”

Photo Credit: Nino Batista


Inspired to bring an angelic theme to the photoshoot, Nino installed two lights in the back of the room pointing at the wall behind Brennah to create a halo effect. At the front, he placed the Einstein with a giant parabolic as a fill light to help fill in shadows. With the help of the Raven, this light setup brought a heavenly feel to the images. 


Precision lighting control

Nino found dialing in his settings on the Raven to be a flawless process. All that was left was to fine-tune them with 0.1 increments. With a tap on the screen, he could select and adjust the light behind him within seconds. 

“I especially enjoyed having the ability to place my two rear lights, which are positioned completely symmetrical, pointing at the same wall and stationed the same distance apart,” says Nino. “I put them both on the same setting and I could adjust them up and down together with the simple and satisfying ring dial of the Raven.”


Photo Credit: Nino Batista


Nino found assembling the Raven to be quick and simple, acknowledging that his photoshoot couldn’t have gone better thanks to the Raven’s innovative features.


Improvise at any studio with ease with the Raven

With Nino frequently traveling to different locations, he encounters various lights and flashes at every shoot. The Raven gives Nino the comfort of knowing that he can improvise on the go. Before the Raven, this was a struggle as he wasn’t able to use photography gear from multiple brands unless he rented or carried carried a trigger for each flash brand. 


Photo Credit: Nino Batista


With the Raven, traveling to new studios and knowing he has to use the house gear is no longer stressful for Nino. On a recent job in Apex Studios, Los Angeles where he had the Raven with him, the crew asked Nino what trigger he needed. Nino responded boldly “No need as my trigger has dual brand connectivity feature.” 

The fact that the Raven is the only lighting and camera trigger on the market that can trigger two brands from a multi-brand list is a game changer for Nino and many photographers like him.


Freedom gives more control

Nino’s choice of organic photography with a hint of inspiration is the reason his craft is flawless and respected nationally. His advice to new photographers is to photograph with an open mind as it helps to be expressive and exploratory, even when you're working on a commercial job.

Nino doesn’t rely on one direct approach for his photoshoots or locations. Instead, he prefers to keep things varied depending on what the situation requires. Nino’s philosophy is that you should be hired for your vision, not for your product. 

“If someone wants photos, there's plenty of people that can be hired for just that. What differentiates me from other photographers is that I try to work with clients who give me some sense of freedom.” - Nino  


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Photographer: Nino Batista

Personal portfolio: Nino Batista

Facebook: @ninobatistaphoto


Brand: Yandy @yandy

Model: Brennah Black (@brennahblack)