Meet Raven: a multifunctional lighting and camera controller with a premium user experience.


Learn how the Raven will transform your studio. With seamless cross compatibility between flashes and effortless control, Raven users have been blown away with the device. We can’t wait to share some of the beloved features with you. 


Unify your gear and expand your creative control

The Raven speaks many brand languages and can connect with over 100 different types of flashes from brands like Profoto, Paul C. Buff, Godox, and PocketWizard. Achieve ultimate creative control over your gear with simultaneous multi-brand control. It’s as easy as selecting your brands in the quick settings; the Raven will do the rest!

 Photo Credit: Royce Walston


Spend more time with your subject and mix flash modes 

Ever wanted to put a zone or two in TTL and another in Manual? On the Raven, flash mode is set with the tap of a button. Simply activate a zone, or multiple, and use the quick settings menu to select a mode. 




The Raven has a neat trick up its sleeve that has been wowing studio photographers: PowerTrack. We like to think of it as a hybrid between TTL and manual flash control. Utilizing the ISO and Aperture data from your camera, the Raven will automatically adjust the power level of our flashes to maintain the same exposure as camera settings are adjusted. It’s great for stacked exposures, changes in depth of field, and finding the right balance between natural and flash-generated light.   


From bag to camera in no time

Using two quick release buttons, mount your Raven easily to your camera’s hot shoe. A unibody metal shoe improves electrical and physical contact and a lock pin makes a satisfying click once it’s in place.


 Photo Credit: Ilko Allexandroff


Tap here or there, anywhere. 

The Raven features a full-color touchscreen designed to function wherever you take your studio. Inspired by top-of-the-line Smart Watches, the  1.4 inch OLED touch screen with Gorilla Glass allows you to select and edit lighting zones, adjust trigger settings, set up a main camera and remotes, and configure an array of proprietary features conveniently.



Let your fingers think for you

Discover an intuitive way to interact with your lights. Simply rotate the dial to adjust your power level and feel a satisfying tick. The smart dial and an intelligent menu will allow you greater control and faster set wide adjustments. Goodbye time-consuming photoshoots, hello smarter light control.


  Photo Credit: Adam Frehm


Goodbye computer-reliant software updates 

Software updates are now smarter and more convenient. Our technical teams are constantly making upgrades to the Raven.. New features are available at the tap of a button through WiFi cloud updates making sure that your Raven is running the latest and greatest version. We’ve been known to build special software packages for unique lighting setups -- drop us a line if you’d like to chat! 


From simultaneous brand control to a full-color OLED touchscreen, the Raven is ready to take your photography workflow to the next level. We can’t wait to hear about your favorite features!