Born in Mexico, Ivan Duran moved to the USA at the age of 15 and has gone on to become an experienced and award-winning wedding, fashion and portrait photographer. Based in the Bay Area, Ivan specializes in delivering stunning, timeless images in which his clients feel authentically themselves – no matter how camera-shy they are! 

In hindsight, it was a trip to WPPI in 2018 that changed everything for Ivan. Since then he has never looked back. He has worked tirelessly in the pursuit of his dream, now capturing images of equal caliber to those produced by photographers with three times his experience! Ivan’s dedication over the years is unparalleled.


Photo Credit: Ivan Duran of Ivan Duran Photography

Wedding photography

Although Ivan is hired for his artistry, his clients value his kind and grounding presence, which offers a sense of ease during a time that is always full of powerful emotions. At the end of the day (or night!) Ivan's work does more than just document one special celebration – it also captures the uniqueness of each new love story and presents it in a way his clients will cherish forever.

Photo Credit: Ivan Duran Photography


Ivan states, “I believe that a good photograph should do more than serve as a record of the past – it should tell a story that invites us to see the world through fresh eyes. I feel incredibly privileged to witness so many joyous occasions of love and celebration, and my clients are a constant source of inspiration for me.”


Ivan’s gear kit

With the vast array of work that Ivan undertakes, it’s no wonder he uses a four or sometimes five light setup. His gear kit includes two Canon R5s accompanied by numerous lenses, along with two Profoto D1s, a Profoto D2 and a Profoto B. He also uses Profoto Speedlights A1 and A1x and triggers everything with the Raven by Fusion TLC.


The Raven in action

In his fashion and portraiture photoshoots, Ivan works with countless models and creative teams, thriving on the uniqueness each job brings. “I guess I always like to have something interesting, whether it be the makeup, hair, dress or the lights. I always try to have something interesting or edgy, and with the Raven, I feel I can achieve the idea in my head quite easily.”


Photo Credit: Ivan Duran Photography


For the image above, Ivan used the Raven flash trigger with his Canon EOS R5, 85mm F/1.2 RF and Profoto flashes. He also used a V-flat, and Magmod Strip softboxes. This setup perfectly captured the gorgeous image of international fine art model, Poppy.

Ivan loves using the manual mode on the Raven for his flashes, and we understand why! Sometimes the simplest flash control is the best.

The Raven currently supports four zones in manual mode: A, B, C and D. As a user, you can effortlessly and independently adjust power levels on a single zone, giving you more control. You can also make wide adjustments to multiple zones as a group, giving you flexibility and the capacity to create beautiful images faster. Ivan loves that “with the Raven, I can see the power on the screen and use four different groups.”


Photo Credit: Ivan Duran Photography

The Raven also offers the unique ability to trigger and control power levels of two different flash brands at the same time, with no other transmitter needed! Compatible brands include Profoto, Paul C. Buff, Godox (includes Flashpoint & Pixapro), and PocketWizard FlexTT. “I use it extensively to control and trigger my two flash bands simultaneously: Profoto and Godox,'' Ivan shares.   


Photo Credit: Ivan Duran Photography


Another feature Ivan makes great use of is the modeling light on the end of the Raven. From the beginning of the Raven design concept, the Raven was specifically positioned in the hot shoe, to keep its height in line with Profoto and Godox transmitters. This now allows it to properly light the target the user is focusing on, by producing a small boost of light to lock in razor sharp focus. The Raven Nose Light offers Auto and Manual Focus Assist Light, Fill Light, and Continuous Modeling Light – features that no other flash control trigger offers.


Photo Credit: Ivan Duran Photography


That’s a wrap

When asked about his overall experience with the Raven, Ivan shared a glowing review: 

“I like that it is easy to update, and you don't have to connect to the computer to download software. There’s no need to replace batteries as you can charge it whenever and wherever, and I also like the fact that the remote has both buttons and a touch screen. Once I got used to using the menu, it was very easy and fast! One of my favorite features is the ring dial because it’s big and makes it super easy to change the power.” 

To continuously improve as a photographer, Ivan believes there is nothing better than experience. “You just need to go out there and really try to learn as much as you can,” he says. With criticism being one of the key factors in Ivan’s success, he also urges everyone to learn from their mistakes and take criticism positively!

Thanks Ivan for your sage advice! 


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Photographer: Ivan Duran of Ivan Duran Photography

Personal portfolio: Ivan Duran Photography

Instagram: @ivanduranphoto