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TTL, Manual & PowerTrack

Up to 4 zones of fluid lighting control at your fingertips


Through The Lens (TTL) control

The Ideal Exposure, automatically

In fast-paced shoots, let your Raven and camera act as your lighting assistant with TTL flash control keeping lighting easy so you can focus on your event. Simply pair your Raven to a TTL compatible light or PocketWizard FlexTT and let the Raven do the rest. By default, the Raven will listen to your camera's request for optimal exposure and then communicate with your lights. To fine-tune the exposure, rotate the ring dial on the Raven to adjust the power level zone accordingly. The Raven TTL mode can be activated on individual zones or multiple zones of your choosing.  When using TTL only three zones are available, A, B, and C. With Godox, Paul C Buff, and PocketWizard zone D can be used in Manual while zones A, B, and C are set to TTL. Profoto does not allow for mixing Manual and TTL at the same time.

 Photo Credit: Ilko Alexander


Manual control

Sometimes the simplest flash control is the best

The Raven currently supports 4 zones: A, B, C, and D. You can effortlessly adjust power levels on a single zone independently giving you more control or making wide adjustments to multiple zones as a group giving you flexibility and liberating you to create beautiful images faster. In addition to adjusting power levels, you can also selectively turn off zones for a more creative look to some of your images. Click here to learn more about power level zones


 Photo Credit: Taku Kumabe


PowerTrack control

A flexible time saver

PowerTrack is a hybrid flash control mode that automatically adjusts your flash power level based on changes made to your current aperture, ISO, or combination of aperture and ISO.

Adjust the zone power level setpoint (displayed with a blue arrow) by rotating the ring dial and let the Raven control the rest. This mode is perfect for studio and location photography where identical exposure is needed, but the camera settings change shot to shot. Adjust your aperture for depth of field, or ISO for ambient light, without needing to adjust your lights.  The Raven makes it just right.  PowerTrack can be used with TTL and Manual modes.

 Photo Credit: Adam Frehm


Click here for more information on how to setup TTL, Manual, and PowerTrack

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