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Nose light

From the beginning of the design concepts, the Raven was specifically positioned in the hot shoe, to keep its height in line with Profoto and Godox transmitters and allow it to properly light the target you are focusing on with a small boost of light to lock in razor-sharp focus.  The Raven Nose light offers Auto and Manual Focus assist light, Fill light, and Continuous Modeling Light which no other flash control trigger offers.

When using mirrorless cameras it is possible to use the Manual Focus assist light feature even when you are using auto focus when focusing. The focus assist light is forced to stay on until your camera reaches its sleep timer and the exposure info clears from the screen. Once you tap the shutter release, the Manual Focus assist light comes back and you can continue to use your auto focus.


Auto and Manual Focus Assist light

Customize your menu settings to have the Focus Assist light automatically turn on when your camera is focusing.  When selecting Auto or Manual Assist lighting you have the option of red or white light. The option of using White light is a huge advantage to mirrorless cameras since mirrorless cameras cannot use the conventional Auto Focus Red assist light due to sensor filters that cannot see an IR assist beam. 


Fill Light

The Raven’s Fill light offers a color temperature range of 2700K to 6500K, as well as the ability to adjust the brightness making it perfect for macro photography.



 Photo Credit: Adam Frehm


Continuous Modeling Light

The Raven gives you the ability to control light in every way possible including remotely controlling the Paul C Buff, Godox, and Profoto strobes modeling light with 3 different options, Auto 1 min Sleep, Auto 5 min Sleep, and Manual. 

With the auto time sleep options, the Raven will communicate with the strobe to turn off the modeling light 1 min, or 5 min after the camera's display goes to sleep, or clears from the display, and will turn back on with a half-press of the shutter release. This feature is extremely helpful to save battery life on battery-operated strobes. 

The Manual option will not turn off the modeling light automatically rather giving you the option of when to turn it off or on with a simple tap of the icon in the Zone Mode Screen.

Learn to set up Auto and Manual Focus Assist light, and Fill light here.

Learn to set up Continuous Modeling Light here.


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