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Camera Control

Master your big event with confidence.

The Raven is the most robust two-way radio platform ever created for professional photographers to trigger remote cameras. With 130 control channels and 8 camera zones, you'll be able to cover the demands of any world-class event.

Main Raven, meet Remote Raven

There can be more than one Raven in a nest, in fact they love Track and Field. A remote Raven is a ready remote for your camera when paired with a main Raven. With 130 available channels, they chit-chat with uncluttered sub-GHz communication. Even better, your main Raven can trigger up to 8 different remote camera zones – enough to cover BMX, Horse Racing, and more.

Signal Strength Meter

Know with assurity that your remote camera zones will trigger with Raven to Raven ping.




See how many triggers have been successfully completed in each zone.

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